NM MInt Feedwell for thickeners and CCD units
Can be easily retrofitted!

  • Smooth vertical flow induced stirring for optimized flocculation of slurries
  • Stirring based on one or two pairs of helical stirrers rotating against each others at a low controlled rotation speed
  • A free choice of feed well residence time according to the flocculation procedure requirements themselves
  • A peripheral down flow of flocculated slurry into a conical feed chute for an even slurry feed into the main thickener separation body
  • Arrangements of chute feed openings including side slots and bottom holes for a controlled forced feed of incoming slurry into the compacting thickener underflow itself


  • Superior clarifier performance reducing the amount of residual solids in the separated overflow
  • Increasing the stage efficiency of CCD units
  • Improving product quality of hydrometallurgical processes
  • Increasing efficiency of waste treatment plant
  • Beneficial impact on plant economy



  • Counter Current Decantation units
  • Thickeners
  • Wastewater treatment plants


  • Stainless steel plant, Finland (NM MInt Feedwell was retrofitted)

Problems with flocculation? Overflow is not as clear as it should be? Let us help!

With Nakkilan Metals MInt Feedwell design your problems will be solved.

We know that every thickener/ clarifier is unique. Due to that every feedwell have to be tailored.

From below, you can open and download a questionnaire/ datasheet. Fill it, send it to us and we will come up with a superior solution and solve your thickener’s problems.