Helix Agitator

  • Smooth uniform mixing
  • Normally one to four Helix mixing members per reactor tank
  • A fully developed mixing turbulence can be avoided at low rotation speeds combined with a low pitch angle
  • Helix agitation has found to be useful in pulping equipment for producing heavy slurries even when using batch feeding of solids by front loaders.


  • Smooth uniform mixing
  • Very efficient mixing
  • Enables good control of process performance
  • Suppressing of scaling
  • Efficient mixing in viscous slurries
  • Reliable reactor performance
  • Lower OPEX



  • Smooth gentle helix mixing has proved to be useful for contacting liquid-liquid solvent extraction phases and for a controlled flocculation of a solid material in thickener and counter current decanters feed wells.
  • Helix mixing has also proved to be a good alternative for sensitive crystallization processes requiring a well defined crystal morphology
  • A MInt Back-Mixing installation of four helix members has also found to be useful for large agitation reactors or storage tanks due to mechanical and costs reasons, especially, when the focus is in a reliable operation.