gls Agitator (“gas liquid solid”)

  • High shear agitator, able to disperse gas in solutions and slurries.
  • Used to create a bottom region double loop flow so-called ”bottom roll flow” (BTR mode)
  • High impact on precipitated solid, when used in BTR mode.
  • Superior conditioning and flotation behavior in ore benefaction processes using tailored equipment.


  • Enables high dispersed gas hold-up in BTR-mode
  • High agitation intensity
  • Wide range of design options



  • Used for chromium reduction in effluents. Treatment processes based on sulphur dioxide addition.
  • A good option in hydrometallurgical iron and manganese removal processes based on a use of a proper sulphur dioxide and oxygen gas blend.
  • Leaching, iron oxidation. Also efficient in hydrogen reduction autoclave processes treating solutions for a direct recovery of copper, nickel or cobalt