Pitched blade agitator

A MInt pitched blade design overcomes any reactor size problems allowing at the same time a more cost-efficient processing approach, for example by a use of a shaft power draw, well below 500kW without need of any kind of baffles.

Mixing energy reduction by a use of a MInt B-M option for pitched blade agitators can be accomplished by replacing conventional pitched blades by the use of agitator version ORA (“Off Radial Angle”).


  • Wide application range
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance cost



  • Creating swirling flows able to suspend solids and to maintain a suspension in many types of processes, for example leaching, precipitation, crystallization as well as in slurry and solution storage tanks of these processes
  • Separate surface and bottom region stirrers attached to the same shaft using a design allowing autogenious reactor gas introduction through a swirling surface in addition to a fast circulation of a slurry with a high gas hold-up throughout the reactor efficient volume itself, thus applicable for oxidation or reduction.